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Tolu aka Codetunz is a creative soul, and his fanny pack complements his casual style. His elevated Jersey game is major style inspiration for students who haven't quite given up on jersey. Codetunz shows us that a little effort goes a long way when it comes to style.

Name: Fatogun Tolulope Oluwole 

School: Ondo State University Of Science and Technology, Okitipupa

Year: 4 

Major: Biochemistry 

Location: Ondo


Who or what inspires your style? Almost everyone looks at what celebrities wear to add to their style for everyday wear but I match whatever I have and make sure it’s dope to my eyes. Don’t care what others think la

Where do you like to shop? I don’t do the online thing for wears and kicks. I prefer to go to a store and find what fits me perfectly

How do you describe your sense of style? my style is simple, elegant and sophisticated in a casual way. Im not your cooperate guy lol. for example, i wear jeans, but mostly only dark  or blue wash straight cut jeans, paired with round necks sweatshirts or polos with a sunglass coupled with my kicks or most times,  my palm.

What fashion advice would you like to give to other students trying to improve their style? There are people who wear the simplest clothes and still look cuter than people wear all fake clothes. Be real to yourself. Don’t dress to ‘feel among’

What are your favourite trends right now? Mehn he plenty o
1- soft logo T-shirts
2- sweatshirt with light fabrics
3- comfortable kicks that give you abundance of comfort that goes well with my jeans
4- short jeans worn on a pair of socks with palm.
5- dope rubber wrist watch ⌚, sun glasses and my cross bag. As Olamide will say “omo shomolu” ha ha ha

Do you have a favourite fashion designer? Yes “orange culture” They are not loud. And their stuff are overall dope. You should check them out on IG

If you could raid anyone’s closet, who would it be, and why? Hushpuppi. I don’t care if e dey live fake life or not, I go pack everything. One no go remain


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