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Digital Disruption: Inclusion of Nigerian Women in Tech Driven Businesses

Africa has started riding on the new wave of a digital revolution. From the travel industry to retail, transportation and entertainment, digital disruption is changing the face of several industries. The retail industry has in recent times been rattled by the gradual shift to online shopping. Several brick and motar stores have been hit by this giant wave, resulting in the folding up of multiple businesses.

Using the music industry as a case study, an industry that has enjoyed the rewards of digital disruption. A practical example, Sony went from selling vinyl record albums to selling CDs at walk-in stores and moved to the sales of digital music to costumers via smart phones. This type of “digital disruption” is hitting all industries and you have to find out whether you and your company are prepared for the transformation.

Another dramatic change in the last few years has been how companies now look forward to a different type of leadership. Several companies are now looking toward l…